A black banner with three white coloured game logos

This is what I look like.

(dont judge,we needed to have our image for the project and this is a 2 minute photo)

im a year 10 at tawa college and as you can see...

gloves, a big black jacket and a beanie is all I wear.


Command and Counqor Red Alert 3 is one of many games I play.

if you didn't know, RA3 is a real-time-strategy game that alows you to play as three nations...

The Allies, The Soviets and the Empire Of The Riseing Sun. each with there own special stuff.

just click the :Image: on the left to learn more!


Coding is one of my favorite things to do, from Html to python and even javascript.

even if im not that good, I still now how to code.

if you want to know more about code, just click the [Image] on the left.